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At FLOW, our focus is always on providing the best temporary or semi-permanent cooling and power related services, for various different industries. FLOW utilizes the latest in technology, delivery methods and products to provide the best solutions in temporary cooling and power. We put emphasis on project management and customer service to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied with the technology deliverance, but also the overall planning and pain-free installation. Innovation is key. When launching a new product range, FLOW conducts a full assessment of all available technologies and suppliers, designing our product around four core principles: performance, reliability, versatility, and safety. This unrelenting approach to discovering new and innovative solutions ensures that FLOW will be regarded as a market leader in temporary cooling and power generation for many years to come.

For Inquiries please contact: Mark, [email protected] , +971 (0)4 800 3569


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Platinumlist is the leading ticketing platform in the Middle East region. We cover entertainment, sports, business events and tourist attractions with online and retail tickets distribution. Platinumlist is also an extremely powerful marketing platform which helps organizers’ events, venues and outlets to be exposed to the target audience

For Inquiries please contact: Jamal, [email protected] , +971 (0)4 457 3212


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WICKED is specialized in offering unique, versatile and dynamic venue solutions to the Middle East market. WICKED can support you in the creation of permanent, semi-permanent or temporary venues for a multitude of purposes. We can deliver a stand-alone structure or a fully serviced solution aligned to your exact requirements. Whatever package or service level is chosen, a WICKED venue is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and change your perception of a temporary structure forever!

For Inquiries please contact: Adam, [email protected]


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